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A registered patent gives its owner the exclusive rights to prevent or stop others from making, using, offering for sale, selling or importing a product or a process, based on the patented invention, without the prior consent of the owner.

Trade Mark

Trade Marks are pivotal in the branding and strategies. They enhance and protect your image and reputation in the eyes of consumers. Trust and goodwill are created, and a loyal clientele is established. Over time, consumers develop an emotional attachment.

Industrial Design

An industrial design is registered for an attractive and appealing product or pattern. Once registered, you can prevent others from making, importing, exporting or selling any such-designed product. Thus increasing your market position. It is prudent not to disclose your design before filing.


Copyright protection covers mainly literary works, musical works, dramatic works, artistic works, photographic works, computer programs and software, and cinematographic works. In order to be qualified, your work must be original in its expression and fixed in some material form.