Key Strategic Services


A patent granted by a Government provides a legally enforceable monopoly right, over an invention that is new, inventive and industrially applicable.  A patent can get you a better market position. You can avoid price competition in those markets where you have patent protection.

Trade Mark

An unregistered trademark hides your branding success, and allows others to steal it.
Quickest way to a branding success is through a trademark registration. A registered trademark remains at the heart of your branding efforts. Reputation and goodwill remain protected legally, for generations and generations.
From IPOS, your Singaporean track records can also be expanded to a global presence.  
We help you to register your trademark and manage it professionally well.

Industrial Design

An industrial design renders an object attractive or appealing, thus increasing its marketability and adding to its commercial value. 

We help you to protect your design novelty by filing an industrial design at the earliest possible time or before an article is disclosed to the public.


Copyright protection in Malaysia covers artistic works, literary works including published editions of works, computer software or programs, musical works including films, sound recordings, broadcasts.